By the way, My name is Peggy-Sue.

My dream is recently to have my own Cooking Show on TV;

Check this out: On Sunday(4/4 2004) I'm doin my "Hole in One" on national TV!!!

This year I was in Stockholm and met Miss Universe. I performed at Stockholm Art fair at it was the absolutely most boring things I've ever done. I'd rather perform at Ullared 200 times again, I tell ya'.

(And the day after tomorrow I'm goin' to Budapest to do a show...(I hate flights and if the plane crasches I say I knew it. And if i does I'm really sorry to say that I won't update this site. I shouldn't write this cind of stuff because it really makes me sick...(

I have to go soon so all just tell you shortly that I've been to:
NASHVILLE, GRACELAND, DOLLYWOOD, MEMPHIS, ULLARED, OSLO, KÖPENHAMN, GÖTEBORG, STOCKHOLM. I will absolutely in a near future show you my slides from the trips. I allready showed them at the Malmo Festival and at Malmo Konsthall last year.At Malmö Konsthall I also unwrapped my great theory on meaning. Don't know if I want to publish it yet.

The great Cook Book that you can only see a couple of pages of today it absolutely smasching, but it's quite expensive now that there ain't many copies left. If you go to you can order it cheap. I'm mostly inspirted by Barabara cartlands Cook Book, what ever it's called, and I did a great show on it too.

As you know I am a painter to. I haven't got images of all the painting I did so there not here to show. But the first page has got one. Anyway I had a great show at Rydobruk in Smouland last year. Show you later....

Her comes more , But so long Folks, and have a beautyful day!!!


I performed with Sue-Ellen and Leif at Göteborg Performancefestival 2000 and my favorite roadie Sue was with us too. Some friends i Copenhagen arranged an exhibit the same summer, called ”Mobile Scene" and this time Leif and his friend came to join me. Again we went to Copenhagen (Fritidsklubben Mogadishni), and Sue-Ellen was with me and my very helpful but completely ignorant assistant (she ruined my curly hair).

2002 was a fun year. I sang a song and it was shown at Galleri Peep, Malmö in the exhibit ”Home is were your heart is”. Leif had also that year written my first own song (I did some helping though). And in the summer I went to do a show in Norway at Oslo Konsthall, something about a Lady factory..?. But the most amazing of all was that Sue-Ellen and I (and Leif and my new assistent Lottchen) went touring around the county of Halland.We met the famous Per Gessle (Roxette you know). One time we sang for the customers at Swedens biggest mall: Gekås in Ullared. We were very popular and got free meals and loads of new friends.

There's a great interview with me in Night Magazine,(New York!!). If you haven't read it look it up right here: Interview by DJ Whitelines!!!

Here follows the amazing fact of my life (taken directly from Night Magazine):

Peggy-Sue, singer/artist/author/performer. Peggy-Sue Svensson born in a trailer park, Ireland on March 9, 1973. Peggy-Sue’s mother: Barbara Svensson, waitress, actress. Father: Timmy Oasley (unknown to Peggy-Sue’s mother). Peggy-Sue’s parents met in a closet between two of Barbara Svenssons acts. Peggy-Sue attended a Catholic girls’ school: St. Martin’s Convent School, Donfanaghy, 1977. Peggy-Sue, with Peggy-Sue’s mother relocated to Sweden 1980. Peggy-Sue, with Peggy-Sue’s mother visited Graceland, 1985. Peggy-Sue, when sixteen years old, toured Irish pubs with Peggy-Sue’s mother. Peggy-Sue’s mother never came back from the Ladies room and was declared as missing person, 1989. Peggy-Sue, when seventeen years old, met uncle Tomas who arranged a phone call with Peggy-Sue’s father in Tennessee, USA. Peggy-Sue and Peggy-Sue’s father met up in Tygelsjo, Sweden. Peggy-Sue’s father became Peggy-Sue’s manager, 1993. Peggy-Sue performed at local bars and pizza restaurants. Peggy-Sue appeared in magazine Hemmets Veckotidning, 1994. Peggy-Sue sacked Peggy-Sue’s father, 1994. Peggy-Sue worked as waitress, 1995. Peggy-Sue married and divorced Bud Hanson, 1995. Peggy-Sue survived a major car accident and decided to never re-marry, 1996. Peggy-Sue had an affair with Dick Drake in 1997. Peggy-Sue declared she was straight in Art Forum, 1998. Peggy-Sue performed with Larry Hagman’s brother in law, 1999. Peggy-Sue recorded “Heartsong”, 2000. Peggy-Sue attended art classes in 2000. Peggy-Sue made an inteview with Ola Salo in The Ark, broadcasted in Copenhagen, 2000. Peggy-Sue performed at Oslo Konsthall, Mogadishni and Sculptura, 2001.Peggy-Sue visited DollyWood, Nashville, Graceland, 2002. Peggy-Sue performed with Brenda-Lee and Sherry-Lynn at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tennesse, 2002. Peggy-Sue wrote “My First Cook Book”, exhibited her paintings, performed at Konsthallen, Malmo, 2003.


Oupsidaysy! Jenny and Charlotte wrote this on me 2002 in a magazine called: Bang nr: 4

Are you lost darling?